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Plegarias atendidas (Answered prayers)

Plegarias Atendidas was meant to be a piece sung on the album but finally the main melody lost prominence as the rhythm gained ground and the lyrics were discarded, although some verses appear in the video clip. It is a song that has a very slow development when beginning and gradually grows in intensity pushed by the rope. They are two animals that first observe each other from a distance and then chase each other and devour each other until they drop exhausted. It is a summary of what is told on the album, a story of love for two bodies, at first with sweetness and then it becomes an obsession, something more lustful. Prayers Heeded is the most explicit and sexual song on the album.

Plegarias Atendidas is the new preview of Sobre La Piel, Alejandro Pelayo’s third solo album after La Memoria de la Nieve and La Herida Invisible.

Recorded and mixed at Estudio Uno with production by Pablo Pulido, string arrangement by Iván Valdés and Guille Galván on bass.


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